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Foreclosure Cleanouts are never easy. It's a very emotional burden that needs to be quickly resolved. The mess left at the property can sometimes be overwhelming. Eco Junk is here to help relieve you of this problem efficiently, professionally and affordably. Our crew provides friendly and fast junk and trash removal on all foreclosure cleanouts in the Bay Area. Whether you have a small truck load of trash or multiple truck loads of recyclables, Eco Junk will remove your trash quickly, responsibly and at the cheapest price.

Eco Junk offers a Full Service Junk Removal Service and a Curb Ready Junk Removal Service. Both are offered to provide you an option to choose the best junk removal service for your foreclosure cleanout budget.

Whichever services you choose, you won't get a better price or service. In fact, our trash removal prices are 10% - 40% cheaper then our competitors. Larger truck, smaller price. We take more for less. In the Bay Area we reduce, reuse and recycle more so you pay less.

We service Contra Costa, Alameda and Solano Counties. Check our Service Area!


Other Removal Services Offered in the East Bay:

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