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Who doesn't have at least one single unwanted filing cabinet, desk, computer, copier machine, cubicle at the office that they would like to get rid of? Whatever size job, we'll be happy to help! Eco Junk will send a friendly, hard working and efficient crew, that will gladly remove whatever unwanted office equipment you want disposed of with a smile.

Eco Junk offers two different services for commercial junk removal in the East Bay and surrounding Area. Our Full Service Junk Removal Service and Curb Ready Junk Removal Service provide two great services but at different savings. Full service is where we'll do all the lifting! We'll remove and haul away anything from your office, warehouse, upstairs, backyard, etc. You just sit and watch. Curb Ready is where you do some of the work! You'll have your unwanted junk in the parking lot, garage, alley, curb ready for us to pick up. The items need to be where we can pull our truck within feet of the items to be removed. This saves us time and you money! Whichever junk removal service you choose, you'll find Eco Junk's prices can't be beat. In fact, our prices are 10% - 40% les then our competitors in the East Bay. Larger truck, smaller prices. In the Bay Area we recycle more so you pay less.

Give Eco Junk a call and you'll save 10% - 40% on your trash removal compared to the East Bay competition. We're the Bay Area's greenest, cheapest junk removal company.

Eco Junk services most of Contra Costa, Alameda and Solano Counties. Service Area.

Other Cleanout services offered in the East Bay:

Eco Junk is a small local company that takes pride in what we do and how we do it.
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