Piedmont Junk Removal and Recycling

Eco Junk is a reliable and environmentally responsible junk removal service in Piedmont. We are the Bay Area's best junk recycling company.

Our prices are better because our trucks are bigger. We recycle more so we can charge less. Our goal is to recycle as much junk as possible, with the least amount of waste going to our landfills in Piedmont. We take your junk to a better place!

Junk Removal in Piedmont CA, Recycling & Hauling Away

Eco Junk removes any item from any home or business in Piedmont. Whether a single piece of furniture or a whole truck load of mattresses, we will complete the job quickly and on budget. Eco Junk reuses and recycles more then any other junk hauler in the Bay Area. We care about our customers and offer the best prices.

Piedmont Furniture and Couch Removal

Eco Junk provides a stress free and friendly furniture removal service in Piedmont. We take anything: sofa's, chairs, consoles, shelving. Whether it's one item of furniture or a complete residence. If you live in Piedmont and want a hassle free, quick, and affordable trash removal company, call Eco Junk. We'll take your junk it to a better place!

Eco Junk's professional crew will dispose of all your junk with a smile. You just point to what you want gone and they'll get it out of there. We are the greenest and most affordable junk removal service in Piedmont and it's surrounding areas.

Piedmont Refrigerator & Washing Machine Removal

Eco Junk removes all types of appliances. We'll take and recycle freezers, stoves, dryers and dishwashers from your home. We are the most eco-friendly efficient and reliable trash removal company in the San Francisco Bay Area. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

Office Cleanout in Piedmont

We dispose of all commercial equipment from Piedmont. Eco Junk provides a stress free junk removal and recycling service. Companies are constantly buying and updating equipment, computers and furniture. If you've got pile's of office junk that needs to go, give us a call. We'll bring your office junk to a better place. You name it, we'll take and recycle it.