Spa / Hot Tub Removal in the Bay Area

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A hot tub is like a boat! The two happiest days are the day you bought it and the day you get rid of it! If you're in the East Bay and at the point that you need to get it out of the yard, give Eco Junk a call. The thought might seem overwhelming but in most cases it's a pretty simple procedure. The spa / hot tub either gets put on a cart and pushed / pulled out of the yard or it gets cut up with a reciprocating saw. Sometimes when they're real old they just fall apart.

If you live or work in the East Bay and are looking for a professional junk removal service to remove your hot tub, with a friendly, hard working crew, give us a holler. We're quick, reliable and affordable.

Eco Junk offers two different services for hot tub removal in the Bay Area. Our Full Service Junk Removal Service and Curb Ready Junk Removal Service provide the same great services but at a discount.

Eco Junk services the counties of Contra Costa, Alameda and Solano and will travel outside that area if requested.



Other Removal Services Offered in the East Bay:

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